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Day 9 

Rough fucking day….fuck…so fucking tense….I need coconut milk ice cream sandwiches and cuddles


boe happenings - 07.20.14

the chocolate cherries are ripening, starryowl5!  can’t wait to bite into these lovely baubles.  

to my delight, the harlequin marigolds reseeded and have come back with a splash.

all of a sudden, we have native california poppies.  no complaints.

pierre the potimarron’s brood is growing.  we probably shouldn’t count our squashes before they set but we are aiming for 9.

we can squarely eat one head of red velvet or waldmann’s green lettuce a day until who-knows-when.

we have more shiso than we know what to do with.  for now they’re going into salads.  will explore pickling them.

and we truly are full of beans!  the scarlet runners have adopted boe and settled down.

nature is amazing.  all of these were grown from seeds or scattered by wildlife.

be well my friends.  grow, create, live and love.  most of all, be like water.